Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Long Time No Post!!!

Wow time flies when your having fun, I have been working like mad and scrapping so much I love it, and helping the boys with school going through my messy house. Getting to know new people, having a great time on the new Magistical Memories Forum and Gallery, checking out all the beautiful work coming in and getting ready to pick 2 NEW design Team Members.

Well in all this craziness Michael made me take a day off, he took me to Disneyland for a WONDERFUL day, we got the boys off to school and headed out, when we first got there we went to the character breakfast, it was awesome, the food was great and the company even better. After Breakfast we rode Space Mountain, I LOVED IT, it has been redone and is one of my favorite rides.

From there we went to It's a Small World, on the way we went by the new Nemo exhibit construction site and I took Michael's picture in front of the School's In sign, we got a kick out of it because the boys were school and we had never been to Disney without kids. We went to Toon Town, had our photo taken with Mickey and rode Roger Rabbit, from there we took the train to New Orleans and went on the NEW PIRATES, very nicely done!!!! We also went on the Haunted Mansion, very beautifully decorated for Halloween.
From there we went to California Adventure and went on Soaring Over California, I love this ride. So we walked the park and a lot of things were shut down, Michael wanted to ride the Tower of Terror and I said I didn't want to ride it I HATE FALLING!! If wasn't going to go I told him he should so we go over there and get in line, I am only planning on going throughout the line with him, until we get to the elevator doors and there is a little and I mean little girl that is standing there excited to go on!!! Ok so how bad can it be I am thinking, I should have RAN, so I get on and let me just say, that was the worst experience that I have ever done, not only do you fall, the machine pulls you down faster than gravity and not only that it does it 4 times, I was so terrified, Michael had finger nail prints in his hands for days!!! The picture of me was classic and I would have bought it if the ladies arm in front of me wasn't blocking half my face, the picture was so great and showed terror on my face like I had NEVER seen before and I think they might have used it for commercials or some thing, ok back to the ride, so we stop and I am crying hysterical and hyper ventilating I can not move, I have NO LEGS!!! So we finally get off, because lets just say I was afraid it might go again, we are looking at our picture and the little kid is laughing she had a great time!!! NOT ME!!!! It took me over and hour to really recover!!!
We went back to Disneyland, I needed a kiddy ride after that, we had dinner at the Blue Bayou inside the Pirates ride, OMG the food was amazing, I had Filet Mignon with bearnaise sauce with potatoes and vegetables, Michael had the Royal Street Seafood Jambalaya, his was good, but he loved mine, and if you know knopw him he doesn't eat meant unless its processed first, the meat was so tender that you just savored it with your eyes closed for every bite. We bought the dice game from Pirates movie.

A game of high seas deception. The dice don't lie, but you might have to in this fast-paced game of trickery and deceit. Do you have what it takes to be a real pirate?

To stay alive in Pirates Dice, you must bluff - or be bluffed. To win in Pirates Dice, you must double cross your way to victory. Never trust a Pirate.

The dice cups featured in Pirates Dice are detailed replicas of the props used in the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest', and feature the movie logo engraved on the bottom of each cup. Contents of Pirates Dice:
* 4 custom dice cups
* 20 custom dice with skull and cross bones
* Rules in English and Spanish

From there we went to Snow White, but it broke down, we then went to Thunder Mountain another favorite of mine, from there to Mr Toads Wild ride!!!!! We had a wonderful day, but the topper of the whole day was dancing to no music in the parking lot!!!

Thanks honey for a wonderful day Tower of Terror and all....


Bucket said...

I'm so jelous! It sounds like you had such a great time!!

yezenia said...

I have been to DLand in a couple of years. I miss my pass. I should ask for one for Christmas. :)

Crystle said...

Yeah then we could go together!!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun that you got to go to Disney w/o kids! sounds like you had a fab time. I wouldn't like that ride either! I used to love all those kids of rides, but not anymore! Love Space Mountain tho!

Linda P

JoE said...

I so LOVE Blue Bayou!!!! Living in FL we go to DWorld quite often, and this year we went or Mickey's Not so Scary.

they redid Pirates here too--didn't you just love the inclusion of Jack???

Anonymous said...

wow that sounds like such a fun day!! I would love to go there with Mark one day. Sounds like the new rides are very coolio! Love disneyland! Glad you had a day out from all the madness, I'm sure you deserved it!!