Friday, July 20, 2007

Creating No More BUZZ!!

This is a layout I created about my Grandfather's bee business, when I went home last time the sign was down and being used for a ramp, it just made me sad and I felt that this history needed to be documented.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Look what the Designers at Magistical Memories have been up to!!!

Crystle Torvinen

Happy Birthday
Tab Shooting Star Book
Star Book
Round About Arrows
Don't Question Boy or Girl
Circle Boy or Girl
5" Circle Frame

Toni Rivera

Crazy for Tidbits
Potty People
Home Sweet Home Book
Retro Flashback

Susan Rodriguez
Ice cream cone
Check mark journal block
Rolodex cards
Ice cream sundae

Cheryl Mezzetti
Party Hats Girl or Boy
Pumpkin Book
Scallop Book
Fish Book
Pail book

Magistical Memories

Suit Case Book
Luggae Tag