Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Christmas Decor

I love decorating for Christmas, it is truly one of my favorite times of year!!!

I found a wall display that I loved and knew it was perfect for the spot behind the TV, I just love how it came out!! House Of Smith's. It was so much fun gathering all the items mostly from goodwill, some from my home and gathering them and putting them all together, the Christmas sign we made on the laser. I was truly having fun with the silver spray paint.

Cookies.....oh how I love to make them!!!!! Here's a few all wrapped up!!!

Christmas Joy all around, inside and out!!

This Holiday was joyous!! 10 Months of extra time with my dad, words can not express how awesome this is, when you say good bye to a loved one forever and get extra time it is the greatest blessing one can get. Each one of us never knows the amount of time we are given, you only have this moment and this moment only, so treasure that moment. I count my blessings everyday. This holiday was also a hard one for me, my first without Justin home, 19 years I have had with him to treasure him and love him, this year has been though on me, not only did I raise a fine, outspoken, headstrong man, he took steps to be with the person he loves and moved 3000 miles away and as sad as I am for me, I am so happy & proud of him.

I spent the day with my two guys close by my side and one really far away and close to my heart, it was a beautiful day filled with laughter, tears and friends. I have not felt this blessed in a long time on Christmas, the holiday is normally filled with hustle and bustle and stress and this year for some reason it was not, it was complete!!!

I really miss blogging!!

So I have all these crazy ideas running around in my head, projects I want to create, projects I've created and want to share. I am going to start blogging again, as I look back through my post I realize I have created a journal per say and I am leaving a little bit of me out there to share with everyone. If I can inspire one other person that would make me smile. I love being inspired by other peoples blog there are so many talented people out there so lets share and create together. I want to start with a blog maker over, I'll work on that tomorrow, its gonna rain all day so what better way. My first official blog post will be my Christmas decor, and then I have a lovely upcycled sweater pillow I made. See you soon, Crystle