Thursday, April 28, 2011

A quick little t-shirt makeover!!! Project Restyle #6

A fun little makeover!!

Sorry I don't have pictures of the front cuts. I cut straight up the front to the v-neck. Then cut strips in the front and tied them together all the way up the front.

Create something today.......

~Have a fantastic day!!!



Rita S said...

ok - you have just inspired me! That bag of clothes with all those 2x Ts all 5 sizes too big....well I am going to pull them back out and see if I can take a scissors too them - I LOVE what you have done!
Also was eyeing a friends stlyin boutique simple t with 3D flowers appliqued on. I am thinking - hey, I make those flowers with scrapbook paper - may as well do the same with fabric and stitch them on a T shirt too!

Crystle said...

I have been having so much fun!!!

Check out
Anne is wonderful and has some amazing ideas, also check out project restyle FUN!!!!

prop tart said...

This is awesome, awesome, awsome!