Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I am so proud

Justin is a working man, he dedicated his summer to getting credits for school, he took 2 classes in summer school (10 credits), he took a class called ROP (5 Credits), which teaches you how to be a good worker, they set him up for an internship at Sports Chalet (10 Credits), 6 weeks with no pay, but he got great work experience, he was enrolled to do this at Sports Chalet with 4 others and out of the 4 he was the only one to get hired on, great job!! Well after 6 weeks of internship and 2 1/2 weeks of working he got his first check, cash in his pocket, and can you believe it is NOT burning a hole in his pocket, it is amazing how my money burns a big hole, and his money seals it up!! lol he now has a checking and savings account, a little scary for me, but I guess its time.

Everyday that goes by he becomes more of a man, I am super proud of him for taking the steps to take his future into his own hands! I long for the days when he cuddled on my lap, Why do our baby's have to grow up so fast?

Justin keep looking forward and keep on track, you are on your way to becoming a wonderful man!!!!

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