Saturday, June 17, 2006

Found this Photo Slide Program

And I am checking it out here!!


Colleen said...

Wow Crystle - so glad I finally logged onto your blog! I love our new LO slideshow -- amazing. So many beautiful LO's. I didn't know you sold paisley chipboard - would love to get some. Another question is which bracket stamp did you use on your page with the Fleu de Lis (sp?)? Love it! Would love to see it in chipboard too in a variety of sizes. xo

cheryl mezzetti said...

I love the slide show of your work. Can a not so skilled at computers gal put one on her blog. I have typepad - is it compatible?

Love the chipboard and the layouts!


Crystle said...

Yes, a not so skilled computer gal put it in my blog....hehehehe

Click on the link, below the slide show, and when you get there it will walk you thru how to instal and you can select what program you are using, I am using blogger so when I click that it formats it for blogger, same thing for typepad!!!