Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well I finally did it I gave my blog a make over!! I hope you like it!! Thanks to the Rhonna Farrer Digital Elements Kit at 2peas.

I have been busy busy busy!! Doing what, well let me tell you. Designing new packaging, new products, kids home for the summer, travel, planning more travel, getting ready to get the kiddies back to school, purging my house.

I can not wait to show you the new packaging for Magistical Memories products, I have to still get it all out of my head but I am liking it so far.

Products Products Products, just a few short weeks and you will see the new products that we have in store for you. Sorry had to tease a little.

Been having a blast with the kids, who am I kidding!!! Is it the first day of school yet? No really we have been swimming alot and playing Monoploy and Sorry. I found these games at Target with the new packaging and they are so awesome they are in the shape of a book, so you can display them and guess what because they are out we are using them. I want to get the whole collection. Oh and all the pieces are original, like the sorry game the pieces are wood!!

Travel, Well just got back from a show in Vegas, that was a blast hanging out with great friends and meeting new ones. Hanging by the pool. I couldn't believe that it was hotter here in California than it was in Vegas, don't get me wrong it was still very very HOT!!! The fountains at the Bellagio are so beautiful and worth every blister from my sandals when my feet swelled up. Oh and can't for get Elvis!!!

Well Thats it for now!


jilly said...

Funky new blog - woo hoo! Can't wait to see the new products!

Jojo said...

love the new look! sounds like you are very hectic indeed. i still have your shirt btw. sorry -it completely slipped off my mind. i will try to send it to you next week - take care.